Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Its been a whirl wind if a couple weeks

A few weeks ago we finally made it over to the valley to see family and we had a great time I got my beach fix, kids got to go to the aquarium, and the hubster got to eat his american dream pizza. So over all it was a great weekend.

Now skip back a few days...

my sweet baby girl was not feeling well yet again. As a mom I started panicking knowing we were heading over the mountain and I'm was scared to death her little ears wouldn't quite make the full trip over the mountain with us?  Glad I took her in. She had another double ear infection and sinus infection. Since she was just on meds we opt for a different stronger medicine she would only have to be on for 5 days.  It was great, it did the trick for the few days and then well we got home and 2 days later she was sick again.. this time a horrible cough and fever. I let it go for two days but she was only getting worse so off to the doctor we went, they all know her now and have a great time with her when she comes in :-)


Come to find out PNEUMONIA. yup that's right pneumonia. This is a new one, I can say we haven't  traveled down this road yet...  The doctor basically told us her poor little body is starting to reject the meds and its leaving her vulnerable to any virus going around.  My poor baby girl can't cut a break :(  she has now been on this new medicine for 5 days and I finally feel like I'm getting our fun spunky little girl back!  She will be going in, in the beginning of April to get tubes put in and her adenoids and tonsils removed. We are crossing our fingers this will help her get over all this nasty crap!

but until then... 

My family is going PALEO!  The hubby isn't totally thrilled and the kids are a little scared ( the boys are overly picky ) but I've been reading a lot and the paleo diet has always interested me but we never have had the guts to fully jump in with both feet. you guys know this year I've played around a lot with "real" food and its amazing when I have full control over it all, but life happens and sometimes you fall back in to the easy stuff. But here's to a new week, new start, and a new way of eating!  I'm a little scared and a little excited. I can totally tell we've got back in to not eating super healthy. I can feel the blah gross feeling and I hate it!

I'll keep you posted on how our miss Averee is doing and how the eating is going. I think blogging about all this good stuff can help me out and maybe it will help you out as well?

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