Monday, July 22, 2013

10 days to clean!

Advocare!!  Need I say more?  

I love love love the products. This time around I've got my husband on board and I'm super stoked!!

Today is day one and lets just say the fiber drink is not the most tasteful. I missed watching Justin's face this morning, I would have loved seeing him gag that down. Lol 

I have the next 10 days mapped out and I'm hoping for some great results, best part of this cleanse is We get to eat! I'm ready for this sweet little sugar addiction to fade away...  

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Through this little journey, I'm finding snacks seem to be are hardest for us and the kids. I've been experimenting with different recipes so I thought I would share a few of our favorites :)

Another fave for the kids are mini gluten free pancakes with a dash of honey and chocolate chips. we bake them in my little mini muffin pan and have them in the fridge for them to snack on :)

Now let's move on to our favorite dinners!!

I've also taken up mixing up all my own spices. These are the ones I use and love 

(These are the two we always bought in the store)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Its been a couple weeks!

Yikes its crazy how time gets away from you, I cant believe a couple weeks has passed already.

Well let's catch up!

First I'll start by going back to our "new way of eating". Its going good...  We really saw the difference this past weekend with easter, we decided to let them have a free weekend and they went buck wild on easter and had a great day of sugar and yummy food!  A couple days leading up to easter I slacked a little and what a difference we got to see in our kids!!!  Not only their little guts BUT with Ryder we watched him go from a very well behaved, in control kid to out of control bouncing off the wall and can't concentrate on anything. We just had his second conference of the year and the teacher couldn't get over how he has "changed" in the last couple months. She has watched him transform in class.  I'm taking a little credit for the fact we make daily goals for him on the way to school so he knows what we expect of him that day, but I truly believe its from the change in his diet!!!  To watch and feel the difference in me I can only imagine what its doing to my kids. AND Averee has been healthy for the past 2 weeks!  I can't remember having a clear 2 weeks in the past 5 months...  So looks like this is how we roll now ;) we officially are a paleo family!  I think I'm going to start posting my favorite recipes that we come across.

Here are a few pics just from the last couple weeks of what's been going on with us!  We have been enjoying the incredible weather here in central Oregon!!!

What mommy was doing while all this craziness was going on around me!!  Lol

I don't know who was having more fun the dog or the kiddo with the squirt gun!

Monday, March 25, 2013

spring time is here!!

Its officially spring in our little world we call home. I love this time of year, well back home (Corvallis) its my favorite!  All the colors blooming in every corner of the town, green grass, and that smell!!!  Fresh cut grass....  Yum!  But home "now" spring usually includes lots of snow, cold chilly days and not as much sun or fresh cut grass as I would like ;). This year we are experiencing warmer days, no snow, and my grass is already turning green!!!  So exciting!

But with sporing comes a crazy busy schedule. I have no idea how this happens so fast but holy cow April is insane! My work is picking up and I'm 2-3 weeks booked out already, got a call this weekend and baseball and t-ball practice starts this week! Yikes...  Oh and did I mention I'm out of town almost every weekend in the month of April?  Good god I'm a little stir crazy just thinking about it all. Oh man and our sweet little Averee will be having surgery this month also, this should put us out for about 4-7 days :(  thank god my an amazing hubby and mommy (she will be coming to help us out)

Sickness update:  we got over the pneumonia, and stayed healthy for about a week. It was fabulous to have our little girl back. But now we are all fighting off a nasty cold. Ryder managed to fight his off in a couple days, it has hit me hard and I have no voice today, and miss Averee is just coming down with it so we shall see how the week goes... I'm feeling optimistic ;). Justin leaves for the rest of the week tomorrow to work out of town, so unfortunately I'm sure it will hit him as he leaves town. That's usually how it works. Lol

Happy Spring Break Everyone!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

week two is truckin along

I seriously have the best husband. He rocks and has totally embraced this new way not eating. He got off early today came home and jumped in prepping for the next week. LOVE HIM!!!!  (picture me singing that ;)

Actually its becoming a family event <3 p="">

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

week one is over!

Well we made it through week one!  We did pretty good over all. I'm going to have to admit my down fall was actually work! Little snacks here and there and the coffee runs. Good god the coffee runs...  There going to be the death of me. I have to quit :(  quit the good stuff at least..
Although the scale isn't showing anything for me, Justin has started to lose weight. Not that he really needs it but overall he is doing amazing! this past week I've got him to eat more veggies then I have in the past 15 years!  Bonus!!!!  Both my kids have made an amazing transition, we have both of them eating a healthy organic meat with every meal, veggies, and fruit.  They are rock'n it!  Proud mama here!!!

Geez after writing all this down it looks like I'm the one bringing myself down..   this is good!  A real eye opener

Now we head in to week two. We all will take one day off this weekend when we head out with ADULTS and no kiddos for my brothers birthday. :-)  but past that this is going to be my week!  I need this for me and my kids. My family is on board now its my turn to not let them down!!

Its a stormy day here at home, so we are starting our day off with the biggest loser finale (yes I'm a couple days behind, but isn't that the best thing about hulu? I can catch up on my schedule.)  Straight paleo breakfast that was amazing, and then its off to workout, grocery shop for week two, laundry, and prepare for having kids home with me for the next week and half!  Lord help me!! ;) Lol

Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 2 is coming to an end...

We have made it through day 2!

Dinner is our hardest meal of the day (today we had a lunch date with friends so it was takin off the table at the beginning of the week! Haha). Anyway. We had a break through tonight! Everyone ate the same meal and both kids and the HUSBAND ate their veggies!! Big deal in our house! Big deal!!! Over all a great day of good eats, baseball with the kids, and bike rides!

Just had to say how proud I am right now ;). I think after a week of this eating I think we will have no problem eating this way..