Wednesday, March 20, 2013

week one is over!

Well we made it through week one!  We did pretty good over all. I'm going to have to admit my down fall was actually work! Little snacks here and there and the coffee runs. Good god the coffee runs...  There going to be the death of me. I have to quit :(  quit the good stuff at least..
Although the scale isn't showing anything for me, Justin has started to lose weight. Not that he really needs it but overall he is doing amazing! this past week I've got him to eat more veggies then I have in the past 15 years!  Bonus!!!!  Both my kids have made an amazing transition, we have both of them eating a healthy organic meat with every meal, veggies, and fruit.  They are rock'n it!  Proud mama here!!!

Geez after writing all this down it looks like I'm the one bringing myself down..   this is good!  A real eye opener

Now we head in to week two. We all will take one day off this weekend when we head out with ADULTS and no kiddos for my brothers birthday. :-)  but past that this is going to be my week!  I need this for me and my kids. My family is on board now its my turn to not let them down!!

Its a stormy day here at home, so we are starting our day off with the biggest loser finale (yes I'm a couple days behind, but isn't that the best thing about hulu? I can catch up on my schedule.)  Straight paleo breakfast that was amazing, and then its off to workout, grocery shop for week two, laundry, and prepare for having kids home with me for the next week and half!  Lord help me!! ;) Lol

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