Monday, March 25, 2013

spring time is here!!

Its officially spring in our little world we call home. I love this time of year, well back home (Corvallis) its my favorite!  All the colors blooming in every corner of the town, green grass, and that smell!!!  Fresh cut grass....  Yum!  But home "now" spring usually includes lots of snow, cold chilly days and not as much sun or fresh cut grass as I would like ;). This year we are experiencing warmer days, no snow, and my grass is already turning green!!!  So exciting!

But with sporing comes a crazy busy schedule. I have no idea how this happens so fast but holy cow April is insane! My work is picking up and I'm 2-3 weeks booked out already, got a call this weekend and baseball and t-ball practice starts this week! Yikes...  Oh and did I mention I'm out of town almost every weekend in the month of April?  Good god I'm a little stir crazy just thinking about it all. Oh man and our sweet little Averee will be having surgery this month also, this should put us out for about 4-7 days :(  thank god my an amazing hubby and mommy (she will be coming to help us out)

Sickness update:  we got over the pneumonia, and stayed healthy for about a week. It was fabulous to have our little girl back. But now we are all fighting off a nasty cold. Ryder managed to fight his off in a couple days, it has hit me hard and I have no voice today, and miss Averee is just coming down with it so we shall see how the week goes... I'm feeling optimistic ;). Justin leaves for the rest of the week tomorrow to work out of town, so unfortunately I'm sure it will hit him as he leaves town. That's usually how it works. Lol

Happy Spring Break Everyone!!!

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