Monday, October 29, 2012

A new way of eating

I'm feeling like we just really can't catch a break lately....

Around two weeks ago Ryder started having some tummy issues and we just assumed it was a bug going around  but after about a week and him acting like his crazy self I wasn't convinced it was a bug. We took him to the doctor last week and got some news that had been floating around in my little head. He has a food allergy! The doctor was pretty convinced its a dairy allergy so she sent us on our way with a strict no dairy diet for the next five days to see how he does.  I will admit I was thinking it would be pretty easy? We would take out milk,cheese,yogurt, and cream.  How hard would that be?  Well let's just say I had no idea how much stuff is actually made with milk!!!  my kids rice cakes that they snack on is made with milk!!  Really?

So needless to say its been an interesting five days but I will say she nailed it cause my little man has had no tummy issues in the last few days!!  and he is thrilled!  He's back to school and all is going well. Its an adjustment but we all decided as a family that we would make this transition as a whole family. This means cleaning or should I say gutting my kitchen of everything and seeing where this leaves us. I picked up this amazing book a client referred to me "Practical Paleo" not that I would ever fully commit to this type of eating but I went in to the book as A learning curve an would take as much from it and my clean eating book to get our family on this 'new' way of eating. Now that we know its the dairy causing these issues with Ryder and Averee having some dairy issues a few years ago, today is day one of gutting and starting anew. I will admit I'm nervous and kinda overwhelmed but I have an amazing support system and honestly knowing its for my kids better health it makes it way easier!  And let's face it I have weight to lose and Justin is getting up there in age and needs to take better care of himself. So overall this will be a great change for our little family.

I'm giving myself 30 days to fully convert things in my house hold. And hoping to blog about it daily. The challenges, the good days and the bad. Here's to a new way of eating in the Kingsbury house!!

And now off to the doctor for Miss Averee. First ear infection in 2 years!

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