Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One step at a time

Here it is the happiest time of the year and I feel like I'm running in all directions!

I've come to the conclusion trying to eat healthy and working out is super hard!! I know it shouldn't be easy but you would think after all these years of practice it should be easier then what I'm feeling right now! Knowing my kiddos have to eat better should make it that much easier right? Wrong.... I have an amazing friend working with me and expecting some awesome changes and im just letting her down. I'm full of excuses.. Why?? I never looked at myself as the type that is full of excuses and would really just want to give up! But when I look in the mirror that's what I'm seeing. I'm letting myself down and the people around me! WTH!

It's time for change. My eating is out of control, my house is a tornado, the kids have a pretty good schedule but they are the only ones! I need structure!! And working out. Good god does anyone really have time for that? It feels so good when I do it but let's face it, its the last thing I want to do after my day is at an end OR waking up early to do it before the kids are up! Sleep is my friend.... Coffee... Another weakness. What would I do without it? Well I need to find out. I'm way to addicted to it and all that caffeine can't be doing my body good. It's all a comfort thing, and well it's all in my head too!
I've tried taking things out slowly and that's just not working. It's time to cut it all cold turkey. I watch my son not even blink an eye when we took all dairy out of his diet. He hasn't complained one time about not being able to have something. If he can do it why can't I. It's pretty sad I'm having to learn from my almost 7 year old!

The older I get the more I'm learning about my body. What works and what doesn't. its amazing to me what shreds my stomach now. Ugh.. It's time for change and thank god I have amazing people by my side to help with every step.

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