Sunday, January 16, 2011

Party Time!!!

 Our Saturday morning starting with me heading off to work, pampering some ladies feet, and making their toes look pretty.  Oh and a huge Starbucks! ;)  After a couple hours at work I headed to my sisters to pick up my 2 nephews and niece ( she was in Portland all weekend with my other nephew for his basketball tourny) then we headed back to Redmond to make a couple more stops before finally making it home.  We finally made it home around 12:45, and the party was supposed to start at 2!  When we got home Justin was vacuuming and the kids were still running around in their jammies!!  Yes...  Panic mode hit!!  I threw the kids in the shower, got them dressed picked up their rooms (for the second time that day, cause daddy had done it already!) shut my door to my room so no one could see the mess in there, did the dishes, and finished up setting up the table and goodies bags.  People started to show up and the craziness began!  We had so much fun.  About 11 kids showed up and ran crazy throughout the whole house, while the parents chatted and watched the football game.  I had a couple games planned and a table set up with coloring pages and crayons, the games never got played cause the kids were just having to much fun playing in the bedrooms and the coloring pages were a totally hit!  Who knew something so little and cheap (printed the pages off of the computer, and bought the crayons at the dollar store) would be the hit of the party!  The cake was a hit, Ryder had a twinkle in his eye as they all sang Happy Birthday to him then he blew the candles out and all the kids were ready to dig in!  Then came the presents..  I think this is so hard at this age.  All the kids want to play with all the new toys and they don't really understand that they don't get to take their presents home that they got for the birthday kid.  haha  But all was good and everyone had a blast!  Can't wait to see what next years birthday will hold!

After the party we ended our night with Uncle Derek and Aunt Katie hangin out watching the football game and eating Chinese food.  It really was a great day!

(unfortunately I forgot to grab my sisters camera, so these are the few pictures I got with my phone :( )

 I so badly wish I could have found some How to Train Your Dragon decorations, but none!!  anywhere!! So we had to make do with what we could find (luckily we found the party hats at Goodwill!!  lol)

 Averee hangin with daddy watching football.

 My party girl!

 The cake!  Everything homemade, but the dragons.

 The mountain with all it's little details, was by far my favorite part of the cake!

And the Birthday Boy!!!
Happy 5th Birthday Ryder!!
We all love you so much!

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