Friday, January 14, 2011

Cakes, Decorating, & one happy little boy!

 Day two started with us waking up late and trying to scramble around to get Ryder to school.  I told Averee to go get ready and this is what she came out in..  SO this is what she went in , and she loved the attention she got from it.  LOL

While we were out, we did all of our errands and paid some bills, got home around 9:30 and began our adventure in to the decorating of the house and cake!
 After a quick trip to Dutch Bros, Averee and I made the frosting a yummy buttercream recipe I have made up through hours of  messing around with different recipes.  Decided on the colors (hoping people don't mind the staining of the teeth!  haha)  I knew I wanted a little corner to look like water and then the rest needed to look like a rocky dirt color beach.  If you have ever seen the movie I'm trying to go off of the part of them heading in to the mountain that the dragons live in.  Anyway I decided to go with different shades of grays.  Unfortunately it turned out more of a dark purple... but you can't really tell so I'm not to concerned about it.  ;) 

got it all frosted....

Next came the part I was not so sure about.  I had to make the mountain and pebbles, and making the fondant, that I have never made before!  I was just really hoping it all turned out.  The fondant turned out SO good!  It's so expensive and I have to say it only costs me a couple bucks and was so much more tasty!!  We got the mountain made (we made it out of rice crispy treats) and then covered it with the fondant.  Made our own rocks and moss and I have to say it turned out so much cuter then I thought it was going to be!  not a ton to it but it's perfect! AND every piece of the cake is homemade!! The picture really doesn't do it Justis!!  I will have better pictures tomorrow..  I don't actually own a camera right now (new one being purchased for my birthday, a canon rebel! I'm way excited!!!) but my wonderful sister is letting me borrow her camera for the party, so I hope to get some great pictures!

By late afternoon I had the decorations up around the house, all cake stuff done and I was heading to Bend to drop the kids off at my brothers and head in to work.  Got home around 8:30, kids off to bed, me on here and really thinking I need to head to bed, cause tomorrow I have to be at work by 9, home by noon and ready for the party to start at 2!!

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