Friday, January 21, 2011

the things that make me happy this week....

 1.  One of my favorite coffee creamers now comes in a huge bottle!!  (it's my guilty pleasure and will never go away..)

2.  New crock pot recipes.  Makes my life so much easier!  I have tried a few new ones in the last couple weeks and they are hit or miss, but overall turn out pretty good.

 3.  My little girl and her own little style.  She makes me smile each day with what she comes up with.
(this was taking Ryder to school, I let her wear it, and by the time we got home she was ready to change.  And actually overall she has AMAZING style sense....  usually) LOL

If you live in Bend or visit often check them out!  They have some great deals.  I love this site not only for the deals I get, but it has been a SAVIOR in my marketing for the salon!!

5.  I end this with the count down to VALENTINES DAY!!  I'm not all huge on the gushy love part of Valentines Day, BUT any day I get to put little baskets of fun creative things together for the special people in my life I jump on it!!  I love these little holidays!!  
(feeling a little cheesy for posting that...  haha)

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