Thursday, September 23, 2010

Missing our time.

Last month we headed in to good'ol Hunting Season, and everyone knows it's not my favorite time of year, but due to my summer of being gone ALL the time, I know Justin needs a little of his own time away too.  It's the one time a year he looks so forward too.  I could never take that away from him.  Next week is the last week in this part of the season, and he is staying home with us, so that means last weekend when I was complaining about him being gone, it actually was the last weekend I was going to have to worry about it.  :)  This week he has been working out of town all week and well...   he has been gone long enough.   I'm really missing him!  This week is full of things I want him home with me for!  LIKE OUR 8TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!  That was on Tuesday and yes I was the horrible wife that completely forgot about it that morning when he called (to my defense I had a sick kiddo,plus I have a cold, got no sleep and had my "sweet" niece running through my house also)  I did eventually remember and I called him.  Him and Dave got quit a good laugh out of it...  Also this week is the premieres of the new season of all the shows we watch.( yup we're a TV family!)  Now granted I do love having the TV to myself for most of the week like Tuesday with Biggest Loser, and last night Americas Next Top Model!  but also last night all I wanted was him on the couch with me cracking up at Modern Family!  We were texting back and forth and I was feeling a little silly laughing out loud all alone.  Tonight is the Office, again going to be laughing alone...  So sad... 
I'm on the count down for him to get home!  It's times like this makes me rethink how much I LOVE him and would never want to live my life with out him!  It's been 8 wonderful years of marriage, but 13 years of being the best friend and best company I could ask for..  Love you babe and miss you tons!

(yes I know I'm being a little sappy, but in those 13 years, last month was the first time we have ever spent a week apart!  I'm not used to it!  I like having him around.  Well you may want to write that down, who knows if that's what I will be saying next week! ;)  haha)

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