Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Time!

My favorite time of year.  well usually....  This fall weather is really throwing my favorite time of year for a loop!  One week it's raining and dipping down in the low 30's already and then the next week here we are at 90 during the day!  I'm so ready for my cool crisp days, wearing jeans, boots and sweaters...  awwww sounds so wonderful just thinking about it.  Instead I sit here with all the doors open this morning trying to get the house cooled off before the heat sets in this afternoon.  Blah...
We have been busy with school, and everyday life.  Ryder has had a little trouble with this year, the teachers daughter is a kindergartner and she comes and hangs out in the class and then goes to afternoon kindergarten,  well she wasn't letting Ryder play with any of the girls in his class.  This turned in to a huge problem  because his best little friend is one of the little girls in class.  It got to the point he wasn't even wanting to go to school. A battle everyday.  It broke my heart!  He is the child that loves everyone, plays with anyone, and has NEVER had a problem with school!  Since the very first day last year he would go in and say bye mom see you later, so you can see why this was breaking my heart...  :(  But we have had many heart to hearts and encouraging him to meet the other kids in class and play with them, and if he has any problems to talk to his teacher, and if it continued I would go in and talk to his teacher.  Well yesterday he had a great day!  So crossing our fingers this will all pass and all will be good now?

Averee has been Averee.  :)  she goes with the flow of it all and enjoys the ride.  She loves her mommy and Averee time when Ryder is in school, could watch Carebears ALL day everyday, and loves to sing and dance all over the house.  We have been working on her speech a lot.  She seems to be getting better, the more we work with her.  She's a little jabber mouth but, she just seems to be having some trouble with pronunciation.  The doctor said she isn't to worried about it now but to work with her and if she still seems to be having problems after she turns 3 then we will look more in to getting her some "extra" help.  I often wonder if it has anything to do with all her ear infections?  Last year she had SO MANY...  We did take her off all dairy, and this was the BEST thing anyone could have ever told me to do for her.  I was a little sceptical at first but willing to try anything!  I couldn't imagine going through another winter like last year!  We were in the doctors office every 2-3 weeks...   The first week of school both kids came down with a HORRIBLE cold.  I thought for sure she was going to get an ear infection, there was no way she was going to not.  that's how bad the cold was, and the poor girl has never not got an ear infection off a cold in the last year and half! Well to our surprise HER EARS STAYED AS CRYSTAL CLEAR AS THEY CAN!!!  I think I could have jumped out of my seat with excitement when the doctor said this!  So we continue with the no dairy and hope it keeps up through the winter.  She doesn't seem to mind at all.  The only thing I have really changed was her milk.  I still let her have cheese, just in moderation, and yogurt.  Over all she is a happy sassy little Missy. 

Justin just got done with hunting.  He got nothing, yet again this year...  Work seems to be going good for now.  He's working quit a bit, and has actually been working out of town.  It's football season, so on the weekends if he's not hunting, or shooting, he's in front of the tv or computer with football or fantasy football. :)

I'm trucken along.  I just went back to work at the salon and am loving it!  It will be nice to get all settle in to my new room at the beginning of October, for now I'm living out of my nail station.  :)  I'm only working weekends and this seems to be working in my favor, cause not to many salons are open Saturdays and Sundays.  Been trying to get back in to my running.  I miss it tons, but with Justin's work schedule and then hunting on the weekends I haven't really been getting it in everyday like I would like.  I feel like I don't have a ton going on in my little life yet we are always busy?  Where and what is taking up all my time?  haha

Well there you go a little update on what's going on in our neck of the woods.

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