Friday, August 20, 2010

five friday favs...

1) Love looking up inspiration from neat photos. Gets me so excited to "create" my own master piece for my sisters up coming wedding!

2) My little A can rock anything she puts on! ;)

3) My new purse I got in Denver! I'm in LOVE with it!

4) fat huge jewelry!!! Love Love this fashion statement! Just got a new ring that looks just like this!

5) Tomorrow night I will be drooling and melting in my seat as my mom and I listen to Gary Allen live at the Willamette Festival! He is my all time favorite! Can't wait to see if he sings me and Justin's wedding song!!! (yes that's how much we love him, we danced to his song!) I tried to find the video of our wedding song but they just don't have it any where... Oh well maybe he will sing the song tomorrow night!!!

Have a great weekend all!!

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