Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A BIG Thank You!

Today I had to take the kids in to the doctor to get caught up on their shots and wellness checkups. I'm not super behind just from this most recent birthdays. But for us this has been a challenging process... We are one of the many families that are uninsured (well me and the kids) Justin's work covers him but got way to expensive for us to continue for the whole family, and due to my personal background and health problems I have been denied for all I have applied for, and at the beginning of the year we made to much for OHP. I'm not concerned about myself, but have been freaking out about the kids. We can't afford a winter like last year, when I was taking Miss Averee in to the doctor every 2-3 weeks! A couple weeks ago I went on the search for a low cost or free clinic around here. I haven't heard of ANY in the 4 years we have lived here, so I thought I was going to strike out. But after a couple phone calls, and transfers I was told of a clinic in Redmond and Bend that is just for kids 0-18 years of age and will take care of them! I took Averee in a few weeks ago when we thought she might have strep and they were super nice, and gave me all the info on the new Healthy Kids program so I can get the kids all signed up for it, so at that time I made the appointments to go back in for shots and wellness checkups. Today was the day... And for being a free clinic I just have to say they were SO SO wonderful and did the most in-depth checkup my kids have every had! They spent about an hour with me just doing different things with the kids. I was so impressed. For a change it was all about my kids and how they are really doing and making sure I got a clear answer for any question I had. So much better then the 15 mins I would get with the doctor, before getting shuffled out the door to clean up the room for the next person at the regular doctors office. This was all about the well being of my kids and not about money!!! Just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU
to those wonderful people at the clinic.

(oh and mama got to get a shot also, so Ryder thought that was awesome!) haha

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