Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fair Time

This last weekend was fair here in good ol Deschutes County. We decided to head there on Sunday, had to pick up my niece ( she got to spend the weekend there with one her besties and do the whole 4H thing ) anyways, it was the last day of fair so it only cost 5 bucks to get in for everyone. Remember we had my family, my brother and his daughter, plus my 2 nephews. I remember going to the fair when I was little and it was the ending of summer, you saw all your friends that you hadn't seen all summer and we spent day and night there just hanging out. It was a blast! NOW... I'm getting old... it's busy, hot and way to expensive!! lol I enjoyed watching the kids have fun but come on! really can you drain me of any more money while I'm there!? It cost 4.75 for ONE kid to ride ONE ride and you know one ride is not going to be enough!! Then you add a game or two, plus drinks. It's insane! Over all we did have fun but it was way to hot and we ended up leaving after a few hours and my pockets drained...

Ryder and Hailey riding the helicopters.

My favorite little rabbit and sheep!

And Averee's favorite! the little piggies. Although she walked through the barn saying "stinky" haha

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