Sunday, August 1, 2010

have no words....

Averee has now gone almost 3 months without an ear infection! She has been the only one over the summer to not get the fun summer cold and she has just been a healthy little kid running around. This last Friday she woke up so fussy and cranky and when my sister came over and she screamed all the way to her house, she was in shock! looked at me and said "does she have an ear infection cause I've never seen her like this?" I kinda thought about it for a minute and was puzzled, how or why would she have an ear infection, she hasn't been sick at all, and for that matter no ones been sick at our house... When we got home I gave her some tylenol, and busted out my handy-dandy ear infection detector ( it really has been a god sent) well sure enough she was at a level 2 in one ear and 3 in the other! level 3 means get her to the doctor now! After posting this tid-bit on my FB status, I had a couple friends who have recently been diagnosed with Celiac disease comment on it and ask if I have looked in to her having an allergy to gluten or dairy? With all the research I have done on Celiac (my mom was diagnosed with it last year) you would have thought I would have come across this information? But I didn't so on to the computer I went to do a little research... I found some VERY interesting stuff!!! If you would like more info about it hit up these links.

So back to my story...
After reading all about this, I choose to make the decision to take Averee off all dairy immediately! I called a Naturalpathic doctor and made an appointment for her and I to go in and talk to her to see what steps we need to take, and to get a better understanding of what's going on. When Justin got home that night I really didn't know how he was going to feel about this new "info" I had come across, luckily we have slowly been taking little gluten out of our diets so he knows a little about all this stuff. :) I explained it all and as we sat there talking about it, it was like a light went off and all of a sudden it made perfect sense! The doctors and us have always been baffled on why she never got ear infections as an infant, and they only started after she was a year old... HMMMM (this is what we were all thinking) then after reading this, some kids can't break down the sugars in dairy that's why it builds up in the liquid. My daughter would only drink milk all day if we let her! During the winter she lover coco, and every night she always has 2-3 cups of milk before bed. And cheese don't even get me started on the cheese that child consumes! anyways as we went in to summer I limited her milk and switched both kids to only 100% juice or water, but in the last few weeks Averee has been getting back on her milk kick. HMMMMM you seeing the pattern here?
I'm happy to report that today (2 days) after taking her off all dairy, she is back down to a level one in both ears!! I think we may have come on to something here?! Thank you so much Kati and Krystle!!! you may have just saved us a horrible winter of going in to the doctor every few weeks!

This is all I have to go off of right now, but just wanted to give a little insight at what we are looking in to and why. Hope you find this just as interesting as we are!

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