Saturday, July 17, 2010

kickin myself...

My poor daughter is having to learn that when mommy wants change, I have a way of getting what I want! ;) I decided it was time to "trim" up those loose stranglers at the end of her hair. Her hair drives me crazy! It's so thin and stringy.. So tonight I took the scissors to it, and it turned out a little shorter then I wanted... :( It's still adorable but I couldn't get her to sit still, so it just kept getting a little shorter and a little shorter. I did a cute little A-line and like I said it's adorable, but everyone told me not to cut it cause her pony was so cute! It was driving ME crazy! She had the sweet "little girl mullet" going and she was pulling the pony out when I put it up, she wants to wear it down for some reason and I just couldn't take it! I'm really hoping it grows before my little sisters wedding. HA... But guess we will see. It's now time to start taking her to see Caylen (which that's what I should have done today).

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