Friday, July 30, 2010

a bumpy road to get there...

it literally was a bumpy ride... With a 3 hour drive ahead of us in the 90 degree weather and a car packed to the max with all our camping stuff, 2 dogs, and 2 kids one in which choose to cry and throw a fit for the first 2 hours of the car ride, and then to get to our final road and if anyone has e22v22er been up to Elk Lake above Detroit you know it's a massive bumpy road that is not a fun ride! Yup that's how our wonderful birthday weekend for the hubby started...

Once we finally got there, we meet up with our good friends Levi and Amy and the weekend turned out to be a wonderful relaxing weekend surrounded by a gorgeous back drop! Justin and I have been going up to Elk Lake since we first meet each other, and I haven't been back up since having kids. Justin has still continued to go up every year at least once, but I'm willing to admit I love camping but not a huge fan with small kids! haha My little diva daughter turned out to not be the outdoorsy type at all and my little Ry guy was a water guppy! After the first day Averee finally started settling in to her "new" surroundings but still spent most of the time in the back of the car. :) She did however very much enjoy her "fishy" pole and that turned out to be what we did most of the time. I did sneak off each day for a little lounging in the sun ALONE out on a huge air mattress in the middle of the lake, it was to die for!!! I could have done that all day! oh the joys when you don't have kids... I do kinda remember those days, but they are oh so veg.... oh sorry getting back to the weekend! Ryder got to find out how fun it actually is to "swim" with his life jacket on and we could not keep him out of the water the entire weekend. Saturday he and Lucy played so hard in the water they both crashed around 7 that night! While Averee stayed on the sidelines with me and entertained us that night with her sweet dance moves, and kept everyone laughing.

it was a great weekend and I look forward to having more camping trips next summer. For this year we could only fit one in to our crazy schedules but it's enough I think. :)

here are a few of the pictures, but there are lots more if you want to check them out!!/album.php?aid=71754&id=1317517346

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