Friday, July 16, 2010

five friday favs...

1) having a week to just do what ever we want and recoup from the 5 days in C-town.

2) I missed the first episode last week but have got all caught up on one of my favorite summer time shows! BIG BROTHER is back!

3) spending the day out in the sun ALL day with the kiddos playing in the water on a hot day, then relaxing as they have their "down" time and relaxing I mean get to lay in the sun reading my book... awwww the day couldn't get any better then that!

4) I went and got my hair done this week! Nothing like new fresh hair to make a girl feel pretty!

5) Tonight we will be spending our evening down at old mill on the water front at one of my favorite little restaurants listening to Steve Miller Band. :)

I <3 summer

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