Sunday, May 23, 2010

takin us back.

having a little little puppy sure is taking Justin and I back to the day we had newborns! not so much the fact that she sleeps most of the day and then has her brief play times. But we had a great system when both kids were babies, and it seems to be coming back in to effect. :) Before we had kids Justin worked grave yard for many years, your body never really goes back to a normal sleeping schedule or at least his hasn't. So when we had kids it was great I would go to bed at normal time and he would take the night shift cause it was a good night if he was in bed before 1, then I would wake up early in the morning and really wouldn't have to get up much in the middle of the night. Well same goes with Miss Lucy! I go to bed she has her awake/play time with daddy and he puts her out to potty and crates her and we don't hear a peep from her until around 7 when I get up. This is working out way better then I thought it was going to! ;)

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