Monday, May 31, 2010

A perfect little day

Woke up and had a pretty good morning with my little Averee, snuggling on the couch watch some cartoons, while the boys decided it was a good day to sleep in. Great way to start the morning. Then I got a text from my friend Katie, wanting to go hike Smith Rock. We had talked about it the night before, and it was something I really wanted to do. I'm feeling like I'm in better shape and am enjoying challenging myself with difficult "accomplishments" shall we say. So my brother, Katie and I drove out there late morning to start the adventure. The kiddos stayed home with Justin. They love going hiking out there, but this time I was going out there to get in a good workout not to just dink around. Oddly enough as we are walking down one of the little paths I ran in to an old friend and her family from High School, strange place to see you, but it was great seeing you Jessica!! Then it was off for the hike up "Misery Trail" this should tell you a little something about the trail, it took us 2 hours to do 4 miles!!! I honestly thought I was going to die going up the trail, but it was so worth it when I finally made it! And what an accomplishment it was! But I will say going down seemed to be just as challenging as going up! it was straight down pretty much, on a dirt trail. I had a few times that I slipped and I thought it was going to turn in to a domino's affect and just take everyone out with me! haha. Right when you make it around the loop at the top you start going down and you come across "Monkeys Face" pretty cool to see it and then see Rock Climbers dangling in his mouth! I love Smith Rock and think this torture of a hike may become a weekly adventure to work in to my workout schedule!
We got home and as soon I stepped foot in the door my sister called to see if I wanted to go to a movie. It started in 35 mins and it takes me 30 to get to the theater! But I wasn't going to miss going, so I did a little clean up on myself and grabbed a slimfast out of the fridge and was off. We saw "Letter's To Juliet" Such a great chick flick!! Absolutely adored the movie!
Then I came home made dinner, and ended my day with a little family walk around the neighborhood.

It was a perfect little "mommy" day.

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Jessica and Joe said...

It was fun running into you also! We love going to Smith Rock a few times a year and seeing you was a bonus.