Saturday, May 22, 2010

Meet Lucy!!

after some long talks and long searching, we decided it was time to add to our family! We decided to get another dog. Ryder is at the right age to start helping with taking care of the animals, Averee is showing lots of interest in it also, and with me turning or should I say attempting to become a runner I was in need of a running partner. My poor old man JJ can barely make it around the block now with out his back legs giving out. We went on the search for a puppers that was half lab and half some thing with short hair. Ryder has been on a kick for MONTHS now of wanting a boxer, so ideally I wanted to find a boxer/lab mix. And that is what we found!! She is so precious and fitting in wonderfully!! We have started crate training her since the night we got her (Thursday), I want her to be comfortable in there for when we have to leave her at home and at night, so far she loves her crate AND has only had 3 accidents in the house so far! I think that's pretty good considering she is only 6 weeks!!

This is Lucille (aka Lucy)
and yes her name came from a Kenny Rogers song.. haha. Ryder for some reason fell in love with Lucille (the name) after Justin gave his top 3 picks. I was great with it cause I wanted Lucy, so I figured I could shorten it and everyone would be happy. :)
Took her to the vet today for her shots and a checkup and she is weighing in at a whopping 5.1lbs right now.

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