Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A day for me...

Another Mothers Day under my belt. :) I feel like they come and go so fast, another year has really gone by already? My babies are growing so fast!
My day started with a cup or few ;) cups of coffee, lounging on the couch in my p.j's all morning watching girly movies, while the hubby did what ever, and the kiddos played outside in the sun. It really did start out wonderful! then.... the she-devil came!! My daughter turned it to a winy, cranky, cry and throw a fit over everything little brat!! This in turn, turned my day upside down. We had plans on going to my sisters to have dinner and let the 2 mamas escape and do a little Mothers Day shopping. When we got in the car to go, I really didn't know if the day was going to go as planned or if we would be cutting our stay short and heading home? By the time we got there, she had calmed down a little and my true little "hunter" came out in her. LITERLY!!! My sisters new house is surrounded with sage rats and they are a huge nuisance do to all the holes in the horse pasture, so the kids get their guns and head out to the field. Ryder had already been out a few times and is a pretty good little hunter, BUT MY BABY GIRL!! I have always knew she is going to want to hunt with her daddy, cause you can just see it in her, but as we were walking out to the field with my sister, she is repeating OVER AND OVER "me shoot" "me shoot"! At this point I passed her on to daddy and I left to go do a little GIRLY shopping. Me and hunting don't mix!!! lol
So our day went on to free lunch at one of our favorite little Hawaiian places (thank you to the sweet sweet owner!), then shopping for treasures to redo my bedroom! This is what I have done so far! I am in love with it!!

After shopping I headed home (the fam had already left to go home) when I got here I had dinner waiting and a great "ME" gift. It was some delish smelling candles, a new coffee mug, and the most wonderful cook book I have got so far!! You have to check it out!

I was super thrilled with my present, cause I wasn't expecting anything! Redoing my room was supposed to be my present!! I can't explain how much I LOVE MY LITTLE FAMILY!!
Thank you so much for being so wonderful to me!!

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