Tuesday, May 4, 2010

yawn... Where have the last 5 days gone?

I think the last week has been a complete blur! It started last week when we got back on Monday from the valley and then I feel like it was non stop and today I'm finally sitting here thinking and trying to figure out what all has been going on. So let me see if I can catch you up on our busy little lives. :)

Last Thursday was Ryder's last day of Kung Fu, he passed his "test" and is now an official Blue Dragon (this was just a little class through park and rec, but he is telling everyone he is a blue dragon now) it was adorable and he did an amazing job! That boy loves martial arts and his teacher gave me the number to an actual Martial Arts studio so I can continue him in it and help him progress. That makes me so proud of my little man! Considering he was the littlest in the class and yet he came out on top! just a little mama bragging ;) OK so after Thursday it was time to get in to moving mode... My sister was moving and my brother was moving to bend over the weekend and we had family coming over to help. It was a crazy few days. We got stuff going Saturday morning after Kaitlyn's soccer game. My sister (if you don't know) has a family of 6, and farm consisting of chickens, horses, dogs, goats, and we can't forget the lizards.. Plus they own a plumbing business and their shop is located at there house in the barn. So needless to say we had a TON of stuff to move! Sadly we only got the animals and the house moved in the last 3 days. haha... Her new house is beautiful and fits their family so perfectly! I think they are going to love it there!! My brother also moved this last weekend. His was an easy no biggie job, just him and Katie moving their little house to an ADORABLE apartment in Bend. They live with in minutes of down town and Old Mill, oh and like 2 minutes away from my sister! She is living on 10 acres but it's right on the edge of town and with in minutes to everywhere! I'm feeling a little like the out cast all the way over in Redmond now! But hopefully that will change with in the next year at the most!! Even Justin was talking about making the short move to Bend last night. I'm coming, I'm coming!!! Yesterday was a day of helping my sister unpack and try and get some sort of organization going from room to room. Then we ended the night with all of us (my sister's family, my family, Derek and Katie) BBQing, laughing and loving that we all live close again! Today is a little rest day, or should I say no rest for me just focusing on my own house, maybe doing a little yard work, and shopping for a new bed and TV today! Sounds like a pretty good day to me.

A quick update on Averee's ears..
Yesterday I took her in to a chiropractor to see if she needed to be adjusted at all. Hoping that would be the case and he could get the flow going again behind her ears, and it would ultimately help or take the ear infections away. Well this back fired... The doctor was so sorry for not being able to help me but super impressed that she was all in alignment, nothing even a little out! He said that rarely happens, especially in children. So that was good, BUT she has another cold and has been pulling at her ear all morning and I'm pretty sure she has YET ANOTHER EAR INFECTION! we have decided to hold off for the summer if we can and we will do tubes come fall. No fun...

on a different note even with all the craziness going on in the last week, my daughter has decided it was time for her to not wear diapers any longer and is about 90% potty trained! She has done this all by herself, she tells anyone that is close to her when she has to go or I will find her in the bathroom all alone and she has gone and is ready to be wiped. Thank you lord for making potty training easy for at least one of my kids!!!


The Copeland's said...

Jamee, Addie is getting tubes on May 26th. I was going to try and hold out too however, they did a hearing test on her and she has some temporary (hopefully) hearing loss from all of her ear infections. So we decided to go for it. I can't get into the person in Corvallis that does adjustments until June 24, and I just don't want to wait since we have been having 1 infection every week.

Jessica and Joe said...

Good luck! Tubes worked wonders for Selena but did nothing for Natalia. Tubes for two months and on her third ear infection. Took her to the doctor yesterday and they are talking about taking her adenoids out. Hang in there!