Monday, January 11, 2010

panic.. BREATH... panic...

Yes... This is how I'm feeling about this up coming weekend! My little sister Brittney is getting married this year, she lives up in Oak Harbor WA, so the perfect place to meet to do a little wedding shopping and planning? SEATTLE! My sister Karri and I fly out Friday afternoon and will be enjoying a wonderful weekend with out kids or the husbands! I'm so excited BUT yes you just may need a drum roll for this..... I HAVE NEVER LEFT AVEREE FOR EVEN ONE NIGHT LET ALONE TWO NIGHTS AND I HAVE NEVER LEFT RYDER FOR TWO NIGHTS!! I know they will be fine with their daddy but it's still just the panic of leaving them. lol.. I'm not a mom that leaves my kids with anyone (but daddy) especially over night. Ryder is doing fine with the idea of staying with daddy all weekend but we all are dreading how Averee will react. She is a huge HUGE mama's girl. I actually feel bad for Justin cause I think the first night IS going to be HELL. But it has to start some time, right? I just keep telling myself she will be fine and it will be a good growing experience for her and me. RIGHT???

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