Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryder!

Today 4 years ago my little man came in to this crazy world. He was such a wonderful addition to our family and one that took many years and many tears to get. The tears flowed like a massive river raging when he was finally born... The struggles we had getting pregnant we really didn't know if it would actually happen, and then we got this precious beautiful baby boy! He is a bundle of energy that explodes all day everyday and I wouldn't change that for anything! We love him to pieces and he's such a wonderful big brother. A lot of the time we are just catching our breath just to keep up with him but he keeps us on our toes and we need that (I guess). At 4 years old he tends to seem a little older then he really is, this we mark up to having older cousins. :) Ryder would play all day with Dinosaurs, Transformers, and his Ben 10 Alien toys. His imagination runs wild! Everyday is some thing new and some thing over the top! Most days we have some sort of Dinosaur roaming through our house and if you stop him and ask you will feel like your opening a book! And later ask your self how a 4 year old knows more about dinosaurs then an adult! Yes he knows that much! Any kind, their real name, nick name, what they ate, when they were extinct, what family they were part of, you will get it all! We keep saying he's destine to be a paleontologist when he grows up.
Here's to you my birthday boy!!
We love you more then you know!
Happy Birthday!

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