Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Nothin like starting the new year off with a full busy busy week! Well I guess I have actually just brought it all on myself. I have started a few projects this week and it just happen to be the first of the year. But no better time then now to get it done and over with and have a wonderful time doing it!

For New Years we stayed in, just like we do every year, kids went to bed and the hubby and I stayed up and enjoyed a few drinks, laughs, and us both making fools of ourselves in front of each other along with a few card games, and we couldn't leave out the Yahtzee! Yes we live a very exciting life! But I wouldn't change a thing we had so much fun, and just reminds me why I love him so much, it's a great way to ring in the New Year. :)

Then the weekend came and it snuck up on me! Ryder's birthday is January 10th, but due to Justin having to work on that day this week we threw him a party this last Sunday the 3rd. He had a hand full of friends come (was his first party he actually invited his friends from school and Gavin his little fishing buddy, my baby is growing up!) any ways he wanted a Dinosaur party (this really shouldn't surprise anyone.) and mom set out to give him a wonderful Dino party. We had Dino decorations and a dino pee'esta this is what Ryder called his pinata' lol. It was at Pappy's which is our papa's, and I'm patting myself on the back I made his cake from scratch and it was the hit of the party! ;) Everything was wonderful even despite the fact that we drove around crazy Friday and Saturday looking for Dinosaur party things, no one had anything! I had to get creative and it all worked out in the end.

Monday has come and gone and I can't even tell you what has all gone on the past three days. I have been consumed with sanding and painting wood furniture in my house! Most of my time has been spent in the garage. But I have got so much done and only have one more book shelf to paint and hopefully that will get done tomorrow and I will be done! Well until I decide to tackle my dinning room table that is. For Ryder's birthday he asked me if we could redo his bedroom in to a Dino room. I took this and ran. His new bedding should be here Friday and I got his room painted yesterday and his bunk beds painted today. I have to make a run to Micheal's this weekend to get some Dinosaur decals and some other things to make his dino cave. That's right we're making his bottom bunk in to a dino cave!! It's going to be totally RAD!!! lol.. I think Justin and I are more excited then Ryder. haha. Some other projects was my living room I did get all my stuff painted so now I'm on the search for some cute bright fun fabric for new pillows, to spice it up a little. Still need to make a frame for my huge mirror out there but that will come, still throwing around some ideas for that. I'm thinking not a typical frame maybe some thing with the fun fabric and buttons? that is all my projects for now. In a couple months hoping to redo my room! It's next on the list for sure!

This should catch you up for at least the last week. It's been busy busy and I'm trying to get it done before next week, that is when I leave for my much much needed sisters weekend in Seattle!!

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Kati said...

So fun!!! Ryders cake looks great, and we're sorry we couldn't hang out for just a little longer before heading back over the mountain! Can't wait to see pictures of Ry Guys room, and maybe you and Justin have a new place to play Yatzee the dino cave!!!