Monday, November 23, 2009

A week to prepare for...

How is that Turkey day is in 3 days! Where in the world has the month, or should I say year gone?! I feel like Halloween was just last week. This year Thanksgiving was supposed to be at my house. I was so excited! I love do big dinner events at my house, for the main reason I love to cook. But this year has ended up having a little change in plans. After my sister and I figured all the big turkey day plans out, we looked at the calender and saw that my twin nephews birthday actually is on Thanksgiving this year. This happens like once every 6 or 8 years? We asked them what they wanted to do and they said they want to have Thanksgiving at their house and have both sides of the family come, and then after dinner go see a movie. This is fine with me cause we have to look at that Thanksgiving landed on their birthday not the other way around. It maybe turkey day but it's still their birthday and try telling an 8 year old that we are going to not celebrate because it's Thanksgiving. I have lots to do this week. Went and got my shopping done yesterday and then today is deep clean day, cause family comes in to town on Wednesday and then that night will be full of cooking or at least what ever I can make in advance? Then a full day of fun with family on Thanksgiving and then the big morning comes and we go SHOPPING! Yay!! I'm excited. I'm so ready for Christmas. And then the rest of the weekend will be decorating for one of my favorite times of year! Hope you all have safe and wonderful holiday! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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