Monday, November 30, 2009

let the craziness begin!

And the week begins... I feel like starting this week we have a very busy few weeks ahead of us. Tomorrow Ryder finally gets to go back to school, last week he had Thanksgiving break and the week before that he was out with a 24 hour stomach bug and pink eye. He and I are so excited to have him go back! haha.. Averee on the other hand, well she just hangs out and goes with what ever the day brings. Oh how I wish my days could be like that!

Last week was Thanksgiving and we had an over all great Turkey day. It was my nephews birthday also that day so we had a big gathering at my sisters for a Thanksgiving/Birthday party. She had 19 people in her house and actually it really didn't seem to crowded. By about 6 that evening my kids were crying over every thing and it was time to go! We had a very interesting drive home with screaming kids ( I really don't know what their problem was) they finally fell asleep right before we got home and were out for the night. Friday morning came I was up at 4:30 and headed off to go shopping! Yay!! I got everything I wanted to look for that day. Finally got Ryder's Santa gift. He is going to be so excited we got him a Leapster 2 and its a special Star wars addition (he loves star wars clone wars) that was my steal of the day. I got the combo back for $49! Just the system alone is $60 and the game is another $25 if you buy them separate. I picked up some other things for him like transformers, cars, and new Ben 10 pj's. Averee is so fun to shop for this year. She got a big kitchen for her bedroom, a new doll, she is really in to barbies so I'm sure I will pick up at least one for her for Christmas I'm thinking the new Princess and the Frog one cause I think she is pretty! haha Yes I just said that about a barbie. Personally I hate barbies, BUT the little girl I watch is super in to them and so in turn all Averee wants or talks about is Babbies. My poor husband never gets it, every year he gives me so much crap about going shopping on black Friday but then when I come home and show him everything I got and how much money I saved he is thrilled! And it helps that I usually find some great deals for him. ;)

Saturday we decorated the house and went to the Christmas parade. I think Ryder got more candy from that parade then on Halloween! Sunday was full of decorating outside, and it looks beautiful! Now all these weeks to come will be crazy and hectic but it is one of my favorite times of the year and wouldn't change a thing!

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