Friday, November 20, 2009

No point, just need to chat..

Here I sit alone in a quiet house. Justin just left to go hunting for the weekend and both kids are in bed. I guess I should be happy about the quiet and being able to watch what ever my little heart desires, but.. I have to say I'm not really that thrilled about it. I have had a rough night with the kids hence the reason they were in bed by 7:30 tonight. I was not ready for my husband to leave for the entire weekend. I was out late last night with the New Moon midnight showing and he didn't even have enough time to ask me how it all was before he was running out the door for the weekend. :( Both kids have been so cranky today, and I have been a little cranky tonight so it's not all them. I think that is just what happens when you are only running on a couple hours of sleep? At the beginning of the week Averee got pink eye, and a cold, the cold started out with a cough and a fever, the doctor said it was the yuck going around right now and the fever is actually lasting for 2-3 days. We got lucky and Averee kicked it that first night and she has been great everyday since. Then came Thursday, Ryder woke up with pink eye (I was just waiting for it, due to how contagious it is) and today he started hacking away, by tonight he is running a fever and still has pink eye, all congested, AND the poor kid has a cold soar under his bottom lip. Ryder DOES NOT take medicine. He hates it and will work himself up so much he throws up, so unless we HAVE to give it to him we don't even try. Yesterday was miserable having to put eye drops in his little eyes, but today got better and then tonight came, he was super tired, sick and we had our rounds trying to get him to let me put it in. Finally I got it but I have learned we are not doing medicine at night. He gets it 4 times a day for the next 2 days and that will all be done before he has a chance to get tired!
I just had to vent a little and get it out some where!! I'm really just wanting to go curl up in bed and read my book and I think that is where I'm heading. And I'm crossing my fingers everyone gets a good nights sleep and we wake up a little healthier tomorrow.

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