Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A new season..

Is it really already starting?
Last week we got our fist official Cold to the start off a new Cold/Flu season. It started with Ryder and then a few days later moved on to Averee. Ryder had a day or two of bad coughing and majorly plugged up but after a couple days just had a little cough that seemed to linger for about a week. Then it hit Averee, she came down with a horrible nasty croupy cough the first night and then it just turned in to a cold. It seemed to be going away and she was feeling better. THEN... Last Thursday night she went to bed around 9 and just started screaming and crying. At first I thought it was just cause she wanted up, but after a little bit I got her up and she was kinda holding her left ear. She continued crying for about 4 hours straight. I know this sounds bad, but she really was fine all day no symptoms whats so ever and I gave her some Tylenol and that didn't seem to faze her due to the fact that she was crying so hard that she threw it up the minute it went down. So after 4 hours of screaming and crying I packed her up and took her in to the ER. After waiting for about 2 1/2 hours she finally got checked out and she had a double ear infection. The left side was completely closed up and pussing. My kids have NEVER had an ear infection before and honestly I would have caught it if she would have had some kind of symptom! She had nothing, no fever, no pulling until after she went to bed and even then it was really mild so I kinda just thought it was her molar that is coming in, and her cold was pretty much gone. I felt horrible the doctor said she was in an enormous amount of pain and that I did the right thing by bringing her in. While waiting for the meds to kick in (her double dosage of Tylenol, Motrin and her antibiotic) we got to know a very sweet old man who was in with his wife in the room next to us. My prayers go out to them and I hope she pulled through. Averee ended up loving this old man I don't know what his name was but I thank him so much for coming over and playing/talking to her, it was the only thing that stopped her from crying and it seemed to cheer him up a little too. We got home around 4 and she was out in the car on the way home ( we only live like 2 minutes from the hospital) she was super tired. She slept in that morning and took an extra long nap. I can't say the same for me I got to bed around 4:30 and was up at 7 with Ry. But I was just happy Averee was doing better.
All I can say is I'm really hoping this is not a glimpse at what our winter has in store for us... Both kids went in and got there flu shots and will be going in next month to get the H1N1 shot. Mommy and daddy are right behind them! haha.. I'm taking all precautions this year so we don't end up back in the Hospital like last Spring with Averee.

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