Friday, September 25, 2009

A little lost....

I feel like I have turned in to a once in every great while blogger? This is something I used to enjoy so so much! I guess life has just been a little crazy this past month or so. So I think it's time for an update on the happenings in our little life.

I will start with the hubby. Justin has thankfully been working full 40+ hours a week. About a month and half ago, we got a job offer back in Corvallis after some serious talking and number crunching we decided to hold out just a little longer here in Central Oregon. Both of us just couldn't bring ourselves back to moving home just yet. If we can make it work here this is where we will be staying. Hunting season is upon us. Opening weekend was the last weekend in August. Are you impressed I haven't complained once!! ;) This year has been a little different. He has only been gone every other weekend and has only gone twice during the week after work. Thank god for my wonderful husband listening to me last year and not putting me and the kids through that again! It's also helped that I have had company at our house every weekend he has been gone! Yay.... Other then that not much is going on in the hubby's life. I couldn't ask for a better husband!! And I truly mean that, we may have our ups and downs but in the long run it only makes us stronger!!!

Ryder started school a couple weeks ago. He is in a very small class in the beginning there was only 7 kids in his class with two boys that's including him! this week twin little boys just joined the class, yay for more boys! He has been coming home everyday from school telling me he doesn't like it. And last week broke my heart cause the only other little boy in his class "didn't want to play with him" as he told me and then it was not a good day cause he had to play with a little girl! OH my.... haha... Well apparently this little girl is his new best friend and they play everyday together. She is adorable and it made his day when we were at his big cousins football game on Wed. and she was there! I love him making real friends! I did go in a little early yesterday to talk with his teacher about how he is doing in class since all I get on his part is how much he doesn't like it... She reported good news, he is doing wonderful in class and is a bundle of energy! Yup that's my child.... So he's just pullin a fast one on mama. Ryder is finally growing! For those who don't know how concerned I have been with him, let me explain. He is in the "normal" sizing, BUT he hasn't gained any weight for over a year and he really hadn't grown to much in height, he's got taller but only we would notice. He has had the same size shoe for the last year also. He was only one size smaller then Averee! Well good news! He has grown a full size in shoes, now a size 8, and has gained 3lbs in the last couple months and grown an inch or two!! this is very exciting in my house.. (although he is still one of the shortest in his class)

Averee is my grown machine! She already is up to Ryder's chin and keeps growing everyday! She is turning in to quite the handful. She does listen and learn very quickly and she is proving that she is the "tester" in the family. About a month ago you would have thought the ONLY words she knew were NO and MINE, we snipped this in the butt real fast! She got a nice little flick to her mouth every time she said it. This was very effective for her and that only lasted a couple weeks, before this we had the hitting. Well this stopped just as fast has it started.. I was NOT going to put up with this. She would get flicked in the hand and a time out every time she hit. This too, stopped pretty fast. :) Miss Averee already has the vocabulary like her brother. She says just about everything under the sun, and for the most part you can understand it all. This is how Ryder was and now he talks like he's 7 or 8. I'm a proud mama... Averee got her first hair cut about a month ago. It's so cute! I cut all the "baby" curls off in the back and she now has a little "bob". I do have to admit all the curls in her hair are now pretty much gone, but I did just buy some new Paul Mitchel Baby Shampoo for her and have to say it's amazing what a good shampoo can do for even a toddlers hair! She is not a fan of brother going off to school. She cries every day that we drop him off and goes around the house calling his name. Over all she is such a Unique joy to have in our lives. It's fun watching here daddy with her, it's not all that different but the snuggling and purse carrying does catch your eye. :)

Myself..... I feel like I have been non stop for weeks now!! We had a pretty crazy summer and we ended it a couple weeks ago with the circus. That was an experience that was amazing!! With Ryder starting school all our schedules have changed. I am up earlier and have to keep a pretty detailed schedule for myself or I feel like I lose it by the end of the day! I am working on the weekends and have been busy enough to pick up two evenings during the week, and I have started watching Madison again (the little girl I watched last year). Oh and I have started a Cards, and Scrapbooking biz on Etsy. This has taken up all my time. I feel like I really can't cram anything else in! OH and along with the cards, and scrapbooking, I have been designing blogs and hopefully trying my hand at websites here in the near future. I don't have to much on my Etsy site yet but soon I'm hoping it will be over flowing with stuff! It's a little hard when the only time I can do it is during nap time or after a couple monsters go to bed. And at that time for some reason my husband thinks that's his time with me. ;) I have also started a weight loss support group on facebook with a bunch of girls I know! This is so exciting for me and I love putting stuff like this together! It is Fall my favorite time of year so this means, time for decorating the house all up and starting fun crafts!! haha.. This is if I can find some time for it all!

Last Monday I didn't get a chance to write a little some thing for my 7th Wedding Anniversary! Yup that's right it's been 7 years. I can't believe it! I am so thankful for all we have accomplished and over come in the last 7 years. We have been together for almost 12, and that is insane to me, but I couldn't imagine where we would both be without each other! It's definitely that opposites attract. haha... Maybe that is what keeps every day a new day and helps us make it over the Mountains that come our way. Here's to another Many Many years!

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Molly said...

I love it. So fun to read what us going on in your world. (even if we do chat daily) and have I ever told you that you have the cutesy kids??