Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I caved!

Most people know that I have a huge shoe obsession. It has trickled on to my kids I will have to say. I am one of those picky parents that really does not want my kids running around in "character" clothing or shoes. Well this has lasted up until now... Both my kids have always had converse for their shoes, and this last time Ryder did get some Vans that he loved. I have been pretty lucky for the fact that he wants to be like his cousins and they are in to DC's. Ryder has been asking for the Light up Sketchers for weeks. I was holding out until Fall came around to get him some new shoes. The start of school was a perfect time. We headed out to get some Light up Sketchers. Even though they light up they still look like normal shoes, well little did I know they want almost 50 bucks for these wonderful light up shoes. He's had sketchers before, so I was expecting to spend like 30 but no more then that. He is a kid and will grow out of them before Christmas! I said No to those and.................... This is what we ended up leaving with. What the HELL was I thinking?! Oh ya I remember they were half the cost and my son was way to excited and way to cute when he saw these. I'M SUCH A SUCKER!! We are now proud owners of some "SWEET" Spiderman Light Up Shoes....

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