Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is my little girl sleeping so peacefully as she was getting admitted in to the hospital yesterday

Sunday night she started throwing up, no fever, no other signs of the flu. We had a horrible long night of no sleep and her throwing up at least once an hour and most of the time more then that. Around 5:30 Monday morning she stopped throwing up and was eating and drinking through the afternoon. 8 hours had past and I was really confident she had just ate some thing and it was all over with. She went all morning and afternoon with out getting sick. This is the reason I didn't call the doctor or freak out about it. Come Monday night it started all over again, and was throwing up just like the night before. It was to the point she couldn't even keep the water down that I was trying to feed her in a syringe that equaled out to about a teaspoon. The minute anything went down it came right back up. I was up all night with her again. First thing Tuesday morning I called the doctor and took her in. The doctor walked in, took one look at her and said she needs I.V. fluids. The poor girl woke up limp and just couldn't even function right. It came so fast. I felt like a horrible mom. But Monday she really didn't seem that bad. It happened so fast.....
Anyways at first the doctor was thinking of just doing it in the doctors office for 2-3 hours. Turned out her nurse was out for the afternoon, so off to the hospital Ryder, Averee and I went. I called my sister to come and pick up Ryder. There was no way I was going to have him in the room for what I thought was going to be 3 hours, just hangin out. I tried to get a hold of Justin just to let him know what was going on. He was working out of reach, so he didn't even know his baby girl was at the hospital until about an hour after we were admitted. We walked in to her room and sitting on the table was needles and all kinds of things a mom does not want to see! My heart sank in to the stomach and the tears started to swell up in my eyes.... The 3 nurses helping us were wonderful. I was still waiting for my sister to show, so they turned on some cartoons for Ryder. Anything to keep him occupied while they were diggin in to his sisters arms with a needle! They tried it in the left arm first, and her "chub" was sitting on top of her veins so it was making it difficult to find them. Couldn't get it, so we went to the right arm. This time she got it right away, but it was a huge vein and blood was coming out every where! As you can see in the picture she had to have a brace put on so she couldn't bend her little arm and it got all wrapped up so she couldn't pull it out. Poor Averee was screaming her little head off and there was nothing I could do but cuddle her, while holding her down so they could finish. Not what a mom wants to go through... My sister showed and Ryder was so excited to go to her house and play. About an hour after we got all settled in the doctor came to check on her and see what her lab work showed. She came in and looked at me, says " I'm so sorry but she needs to stay through the night". My heart sank once again in to my stomach. Ok well there is nothing I can do, I have to do what is going to make her better. They kept the IV going all night. Her lab work came back normal, so they wanted to test her for a Urinary Track Infection, nothing. By this time I'm getting calls from my sister cause Ryder keeps asking her if his "little sister is going to get better?" and "why can't she come home" (who knew a 3 year old would be so concerned and actually get it) Justin came up right after he got off work, spent the evening with us until we were ready for bed. He had to get up early for work so I told him not to stay it was no big deal, and there was only one little chair that folded out to a bed that I wasn't giving up! :) The night was a sleepless night not only for me but Averee too. We had a little infant boy in the next room that cried all night. This morning came and what a difference! My little girl was back!! She was so happy and lovey. Made me want to tear up all over again. The doctor came in around 8 and told me she wants her to eat some breakfast and if it stays down she can go home! yay!!! I ordered her some french toast and she was in heaven, you could tell she hadn't ate anything for a couple days, she scarfed it all down. The nurse was shocked how much my little girl ate. haha.. It all stayed down and we got to leave..
that is our story. I never knew how fast dehydration could come about. I feel horrible and am probably a little over concerned about how many fluids she is taking in at home, but better safe then sorry. She is now resting and seems to completely be back to normal. If she does have any vomiting issues she goes right back in. This was a really scary time for me and I thank everyone so much for all the concern that you all showed for our little girl.

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