Thursday, May 14, 2009

emotionally drained.

This morning I woke up to Averee crying around 6 I jumped out of bed and ran in there and sure enough she threw up all over her bed. I just kept thinking are you freaking kidding me! When is it going to end for this poor little girl?? I got her up cleaned her and went and snuggled with her in the living room. About a half an hour later, she threw up again. I called the doctor and made an appointment first thing. This is what I was supposed to do if she throws up after we left the hospital. I thought a little before we left just in case we ended up back at the hospital, so I packed up a bag full of books, and toys for the kids, just in case... We loaded up and left. The dr. she saw the other day wasn't in today, so we got to see a new one. She was just as wonderful as the last, I was so happy when we got done. After waiting FOREVER for her to come and check her out she finally came in. She checked Averee all over and said the same thing, they are leaning towards the flu, but they aren't ruling out a Urinary infection. They don't want to have to cath her again so they are holding off to see if it's just the flu. they have both told me it could last 5-7 days. We are now on day 5, and crossing our fingers she just gets better instead of worse. They are expecting her to have a few throw ups here and there even through the weekend. So she said to watch her and make sure she is getting at least 32 oz of fluids with in a 24 hour period. So far she has only thrown up the 2 times this morning and is eating and drinking like normal and being our Miss Averee. I'll keep you all posted if anything changes.


emily.valdez said...

Oh Jamee, I can't imagine I would handle this as well as you are right now. When I saw her picture from the hospital it made me tear up, I can't imagine going through that with Caitlin. I really hope that little one gets better soon you are in my thoughts!

Erin said...

ugh! So sorry to hear that Miss Averee is still sick. I hope she gets over it quickly and it is just a flu bug.

Jessica said...

That is not a good way to start the week. How is she feeling today? Hope she feels better soon and you get some rest.