Monday, May 11, 2009

The highs and lows of Mom's weekend.

I will start out by saying and wishing everyone a wonderful Moms weekend!!
I do believe it turns in to a weekend and not just one day for all of us wonderful mommies out there!
I got spoiled! I was so excited to get a call on Thursday from my mama telling me she is going to come over this weekend for Mother's Day. I called my sister and she had the greatest plan ever! "lets take Saturday or Sunday afternoon and go shopping just us girls with out any kids!!"
I was like what! you mean, actually have an entire afternoon with out my children? Gosh I really don't even know what that would be like. So I jumped on the wagon! We ended up spending Sunday afternoon shopping in all the little boutiques in downtown Bend, had a wonderful lunch outside in the sun, and grabbed a coffee on the way home after stopping and buying a ton of flowers for our yards. It was one of the best Mother's day's I have had (well in my 3 years of celebrating them) :)
I got home to two very excited kiddos, and one that was bouncing off the walls cause I brought home flowers to plant and we stopped at this wonderful FUN candy shop new to down town Bend. Check them out and if you have one close to you, seriously go take a trip down memory lane no matter what age you are!
Powell's Sweet Shop

That was the high of my weekend...
Now for the Lows.

I came home to some excited kids, and then a couple hours after I got home my little baby girl started throwing up every where! It continued about every 15 minutes for the next few hours. I was up all night at least once an hour with her puking all over me or the floor. I tried my hardest to keep a towel as close as I could but unfortunately it didn't always make it in the towel. Around 5 this morning I finally woke Justin up and had him take her so I could get a little sleep. I managed to get 2 hours of sleep before I started my day today. Averee has now been puke free for almost 5 hours, so I'm crossing my fingers she is over what ever she had.

Hope you all got spoiled!!!

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