Tuesday, May 5, 2009

open mouth insert foot..

When I'm having one of those days when you have a toddler asking you a ton of questions and always at your feet, and a baby crying over anything and everything, I tend to say jokingly "Ryder your killin me" or "Averee your killin me". Now I'm not one that says to many swear words especially in front of the kids, but I do tend to say "oh my lord" quit often.
Today I put Averee down for her nap and she was crying, I go to take Ryder in to the bathroom and he proceeds to say

"oh lord Averee your killin me"

Guess I should really watch what I say... It could have been worse!


Molly said...

that is pretty cute. it could be worse!

Jessica said...

Oh the joys of talking kids, they are so funny! That is really cute.