Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Over the Mountian we go.

After a long day of debating on going over the mountain, around 5 o'clock on Friday evening I decided to go for it.
The day before we were to leave for Corvallis, my nephew ended up in the ER after he went down hard at his track meet. Turns out he tore his "hip-flexor" muscle. He was now on crutches and in a ton of pain. The doctor gave him permission to still go this weekend but to make sure he got a wheel chair at the Zoo. That night turned out to be a little harder then they were anticipating so Friday morning Karri called and said she just doesn't feel comfortable taking Austin out and about especially out of town for the entire weekend. So I went back and forth on what I was going to do. Karri had Averee's carseat (we thought it would just be one less thing we would have to move) and Justin had been working out of town the past few days and I was planning on just dropping off the car when we left town, so he had a way home, well now that wasn't going to work I ended up having to wait and go get him. That ended up being around 5. So over all the plan was just to wait until another weekend. And then I talked to my brother, and it all changed. He was heading back from California from picking up Hailey (his daughter) and she was so so excited to see Ryder and Teta (that's what all the kids call me) I couldn't let her down. So I packed up the car and we left around 6 Friday night.
Saturday morning we woke up and decided to wait on the Zoo until everyone else could go and we headed down to the coast to spend the day at the Aquarium. Ryder hasn't been there since he was one, so I figured he would love it due to the sharks, and his obsession with them. We got down there around lunch ate at Moe's, then headed over to the Aquarium. As we are walking in to the Aquarium it's was pouring on us, by the time we paid and all used the restroom and headed outside it had stopped raining and was just windy. We can totally handle that.. The kids had a blast!! Every time I have been there the Octopus is always hiding and you can't really see it, but this time it was all sprawled out in the window and movin around. Ryder thought it was so cool. He was in AWW over the sharks and then we got to the most exciting part for him. They had a new "touch and feel" part and he got to PET A BABY SHARK!!! Nothing topped this. lol.. He did enjoy a lot of other parts, like seeing the huge crab, this is due to him watching Deadliest Catch every week with his daddy. He just kept telling me "daddy would love these mom" haha.. I let them pick out something from the gift shop, Ryder choose a shark book (no surprise there) and then Averee kept pointing at this little penguin so I bent down for her to grab it and as soon as she got it in her hands she gave it a huge hug and kiss (she is such a girl) haha. After the Aquarium we stopped by the Rogue Brewery so I could pick up some beer for Justin. He was so excited cause they have a beer named after Captain Sig from the Deadlest Catch. Then we headed back down to the water front to look around and go to the candy shop! As we are heading down the side walk my brother had Averee and puts her down and the little stinker took 6 steps for him! All by herself!! She still isn't walking so this was huge, by the time we made it home and tried again she wouldn't do it any more... Anyways after the candy store we loaded up and headed back to my moms. We got some Yummy Local Boys for dinner. That was are day in a nut shell. Sunday came way to fast and my plan was to leave around nap time cause Averee managed to scream almost the entire trip over on Friday. She was ready around 10 so I packed up and headed out. She was out before we even made it to Albany. Ryder fell asleep also, he stayed asleep until we got home, Averee on the other hand woke up a little after Sweet Home!!! Luckily she just read books and played with Ryder's leapster.
It was a quick trip over but so happy I went.

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