Saturday, March 7, 2009

The big 29

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. If you didn't see it on Facebook, let me fill you in on "my day". It started out by my husband and I fighting and not speaking to each other since the day before ( and let me tell you I'm a talker this was so hard for me rather I'm mad or not!!) In the 11 years we have been together this is by far the longest we have ever given each other the silent treatment. It was all over stress from money and work right now or should I say the lack of money and work. Nothing really we can actually do about it but we decided to take it out on each other. About half way through the day he made up for it and got the the present that I wanted and said sorry. I informed him to never do that again! On my birthday it is MY DAY and it is the rules to push the fight to the next day and pretend like every thing is fine on my actual birthday! Right??? He laughed and gave me my new printer, and a few nick knacks. I really needed a new printer and I'm so happy he actually got it for me. Personally I wouldn't have spent the money but hey I'm so happy I'm not going to complain!! The night ended with me blowing out 29 candles on the cake me and Ry made earlier. With Ryder's help I got them all out in one big breath. :)
After the kids went to bed, I stared messing
around with the printer and printed out some new photos that I have been dying to put up, cause they aren't new just new to my wall! But I finally got to finish one of my walls that has been a little bare. It's a wall of the kids.
I love it!!!
So this is how my 29th birthday went do
wn. Another year has past and the next one I think I'm going to have a huge party. The big 30! That deserves a party!

This is my wall. Sorry about the flash. :)
It's a long narrow wall in my living room.

Had to post this one too, just cause it's so cute!

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Molly said...

Happily Ever After! Love the wall!