Sunday, February 22, 2009

It is true, the difference between the first and second.

I have come to the conclusion that it is all true, what they say about your second baby, and all the talk about being more laid back, takes a little longer to wing them of things? Well that is where I am at! I feel like with Ryder I had it all planned out. At one he was off the bottle, he was walking the week of his first birthday, at two no more binki, and at around two in to a toddler bed. Here we are 3 weeks away from Miss Averee turning ONE, and I can't even think about having any of the above done! lol...
But on this note and it all hitting me this weekend I am determined that it will get done, it may not be pretty or fun but it has to be done. So with in the next 3 weeks she will be off the bottle, this is going to drive me crazy cause she only wants the bottle or to drink out of a regular cup she really doesn't care to much for the sippy cups, and hopefully walking (that's kinda on her not me though) and the binki well I think that is going to come before 2! This should be pretty easy cause she only has it at bed, unlike Ryder who had it all the time! But we will see. :)
I never really wanted to be that mom that got in to this rut but yet here I am. What do you do? I will say she is just like her brother in her speaking she will try and copy anything you say. She already has quite the vocabulary.

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Erin said...

Good Luck!!

We were lucky that Oliver weened himself off the binkie at about 7 or 8 months. We introduced a sippy early too and he made the switch no problem. So far he has been really easy with the transitions...we'll see how the others go!

maybe Avree would like a cup with a straw better. My cousin's baby still isn't much into sippy cups but has been able to use a straw since before she was 1. O just started about 2 weeks ago...