Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Emergency Dentist Visit.

Averee has started walking from one piece of furniture to another, some days she makes it and others she doesn't, and today the furniture took her down....
She was trying to go from the coffee table to the couch, and almost spun around and fell mouth first in to the coffee table.
Honestly I thought her tooth just cut open her lip. I cleaned her up had her sucking on cold wet wash cloths and put her in the bath (it's her favorite
place to be) she calmed down and everything was fine. By this photo you can see she was doing great and happy. this picture was taken 15 minutes after the fall

So we went about our morning, and headed out to go grocery shopping.
As we were checking out she smiled really big and I noticed almost dried, or a blood clot on her front tooth. I lifted up her lip and realized she had completely mangled her gums above the tooth. Now at the time I felt around and didn't feel anything bad, no lose teeth nothing. I called the doctor as soon as we got in the car (it was still bleeding after 2 hours) and they told me to call the dentist. They told me to come in right then so they could look at it.
Got there and she was the most perfect angle! She just let the dentist do what ever he needed to do and after poking and pulling all around he came to the
conclusion that it looks worse then it actually is. Whats making it look so bad is the blood pocketing between her baby tooth and adult tooth. This will all go away as it heals. Now what we do have to watch out for throughout this period of time, is watching for her teeth to darken. If that does happen then that means she did nerve damage and we will have to get her in right away and take care of it. Being me I have already decided that if this does ac cure she will be getting fake teeth put in. I know it's really not that big of a deal but she's not going to get her adult teeth for years. The doctor did say this could take quite awhile before we see any change, even years so we will just have to keep an eye out for it.
And this is what the inside looks like...
(this is hours after the fall)

Over all she is doing great. You would never guess anything happened to her. She is eating, drinking, laughing and just being her normal self, so that is making me think it definitely looks worse then it really is.

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Molly said...

Ouchie. Poor little baby. I am so glad that she is okay. That last photo is icky!