Friday, February 20, 2009

help spread the word PLEASE.

Hello everyone...

I'm going to start this email out by just hoping you all finish reading this and don't think that I have lost my mind! :)
As a lot of you know I have always been a little over weight and lately the nice doctors are telling me it's now time to lose some of that weight. Back in the day I swear I could just think about dropping a few pounds and it would melt off. Then I had my two beautiful kids and funny I can't seem to drop a single pound! Between the running after them, having stock in Mac and Cheese and Chicken nuggets it just isn't as easy as it used to be to turn away and say no to the temptations. And finding time to work out! Unless I get up before it's even light out and do it before Justin heads off to work you can forget about it. SO with all this said I have choose to get "a little help". I have a wonderful close friend that has turned me on to Cal Nutrasciences. This is an amazing weight loss system that is changing the way me and everyone around me think about losing weight. I have been fortunate enough to lock in a spot to sell this product. Right now I"m trying to build my team. I'm sending out this email to anyone I know that is either a stay home mom or in these tough times trying to make a little extra money. There is massive potential; we are in Pre-launch phase backed by a Multi-billion dollar company! If you want to make extra money you can! If I can do it anyone can.

Here I am stepping out of my comfort zone by sending this out to everyone I know, but I figure if I want to make this work I have to jump in with both feet (this is how excited I am over this product)! This is a huge opportunity for anyone so please check it out and pass on the word, if you know anyone looking to lose weight or make some money give them my website or phone number. I would love to have you all share it with me!!

Please check it out for both or one reason, if you want to lose some weight or make some moola!

Thanks for listening.

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