Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our next President.

Just a couple things.

First off I would like to congratulate the new President. With that said I sit here watching The View this morning and of coarse it's all about last nights polls and Ryder climbed up on my lap and I said you see that guy on t.v. that's our new President, he looked at me and said "that's my President?" I said yup thats Barack Obama. And in the sweetest little voice and being so serious he asked if he is a dinosaur and if we get to have cake with him??? lol... I think when I said President he was thinking I said present. lol....

Second my friend sent this out today and I don't think anyone could have said it better so I wanted to pass it on.

I'm happy for Mr. Barack in this unprecedented time. I hope he does a good job and brings people together. But lets not forget what Mr. McCain did for this country before many of us were even born! Let's don't just remember him as the candidate that lost the race, but as the war hero and great American that decided it was his duty to run for president.

Sam Pierce.

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Kati said...

Ryder is too cute!

Also, nicely said about both candidates...but, and a big BUT...I am still in fear for our country over the next 4 years. It's funny how both sides of the stick feel the same. McCain followers feel we should now leave the country, and Barack followers now feel they can stay in the country. True division in deed!

Soon the divisions will pass I hope, and we can all move on as a united nation...Congrats Mr. Obama, now let's just hope the "change" you promise, is the "change" you deliver, and us "nobama" people can admit we were wrong!