Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Oh what a day it's been.... So let me start with yesterday. Ryder woke up in the middle of the night wheezing and starting to cough (as you all know I have wrote before this is not good for him) so I call the doctor and they tell me to bring him in for a steroid shot. I take him in and luckily they are doing away with the shot and have a one time liquid medication I can give him now for it and he said it should last him for the next few days. This medication opens his air ways so he can breath and not have an asthma attack. I go on about my day dropping off the prescription and come home both kids are napping. Wonderful day for the morning we had. Go pick up the meds and come home and now comes the "fun" part trying to get him to take it...We end up having to basically jam it down his throat well that bit us in the butt. Not even 2 mins later he threw it all up all over me. So by this time it's about 7 I call the on-call doctor and she tells me to get another prescription and try to get it in him if that doesn't work I have to take him in to the ER to get the shot. OK I can't take him there, he will freak out! He already hates going to the doctor, he takes one trip to the ER he is going to be scarred for life! Well we get it down him, THANK THE LORD and we have a great night. Now we come to today. He wakes up and a couple hours in to the morning he is doing great. (thats how croup works only really hits at night and early morning) I decide to take him out to the down town trick or treating during the day and then we decided to play the night by ear. He had a blast did great all afternoon. We take him to a carnival at his cousins school instead of going out tonight and he starts to go down hill fast, not even 5 mins after we got there. So 15 mins after we arrived we left. I stopped and got him a happy meal on the way home and he is so excited for it (he doesn't get them often) downs all most the entire thing, we are so happy cause getting him to eat the last couple days has been a challenge. Keep in mind he has really only had maybe 2 pieces of candy today. about 30 mins after we get home he puked up everything he had just ate!!! AWWWW! He seems to be wonderful now that he got it all out of his system. And yet again it was all over me. YUCK!!

This is how our Halloween has gone, not the best. At least he is young enough he knows no different on a good Halloween and a bad one. We called it an early night and now hopefully heading off to bed and it's not even 9 yet. lol..

I hope you all had a spooky wonderful Halloween!!

(I did get some pictures before it all went to hell, so enjoy)

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