Tuesday, November 11, 2008

looking brighter.

Finally we are all starting to feel better around my house! After a couple weeks full of croup, bronchitis, and ear infections, it seems to be going away. Thank the lord!! I don't know if I could have handled any more really. Between the no sleep, being sick myself, and just whinny (I really do mean that in a good way) kids, I was about ready to lose my mind. We started the week off pretty good other then Madison (the little girl I watch) she was the one that it hit this week, but hers turned out to be an ear infection. Today we all are doing good and the kids are back to being loud and running around every where. Yay. I think??? haha..

This week is my week to start figuring out Christmas! I have to make my list's and start my shopping! I love this time of year!! We have decided to stay home for Thanksgiving this year. We had planned on going to good old C-town but after doing finances it's just really not going to work out. But we are planning on going over a couple weeks after to make up for it and do Christmas. Actually I'm really happy to be staying home this year and having it just be our little family, then I can go shopping the day after, and we can put up Christmas decorations that weekend. To me sounds like a perfect family extra long weekend!! :) I'm looking so forward to shopping for the kids. Ryder is going to be so fun this year. I think he will really catch on to "Santa". And Averee well she is happy just to be happy. Now my husband on the other hand, what to get him???? Who knows, maybe a wii? But I guess that is only if I can find one, right?

I guess this is just me rambling, so I will cut it short and hope you all are getting in to the Holiday Season! :)

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