Monday, November 17, 2008

Two milestones.

Both my kids have now hit milestones, and pretty big ones.
My sweet little Averee is now 8 months! (can you believe it) She is not really my "little" anymore, I think she grows everyday. In our mess of sickness she got weighed in at the doctor and my porker of a child weights almost 21lbs! I think she is on another growing spurt to, cause she i
s chunkin up and eating a ton and sleeping all day if I would let her. Now we just sit and wait for the sprout up? (at least thats how her brother does it) Now her big milestone!!! She is almost crawling! In the last couple of days she has discovered how to get on all fours and starts rockin. She is so proud of herself, I'm sure it helps that we make a huge deal about it and brother is right in there with her showing her how it's done.

And Ryder is making huge progress in the potty department. Thank the lord! :) Now let me explain how this has come about. Justin came home this last weekend from going shooting with a buddy of his (yes the second season of bow hunting starts this weekend, so not looking forward to this at all!!) but anyways Mike has just potty trained his little boy. Gavin is a little over three and was rubbing it in Justin's face that he is now potty trained. So my lovely husband comes home with one mission on his mind and that is to beat Mike and have Ryder potty trained ASAP. This in the long run is totally working in my benifit!! Justin has been taking Ry in with him everytime and teaching him to stand and pee and that is how you go. YAY!! It's working!! I guess a little compation won't hurt anyone?? :)

Oh and Ryder got a new hair cut. This is what happens when mom threatins to cut it all off if your not going to let me brush it or throw a fit when I have to wash it.

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Molly said...

Ahhhhh!!!! "Pee pee in the pott-eh! Pee pee in the pott-eh!"
Makes me think of that movie, 'Look Who's Talkin'. Oh Jamee. Exciting news all around!!!