Saturday, September 27, 2008

I feel like such a horrible person!

My poor little dog has had a total of 3 seizures in 13 hours. There really is nothing I can do but just talk to him while he is having one, and try to calm him down. I called the vet and they said it would be good to bring him in, but if it's not one right after the other I can wait until Monday. I feel like the most horrible person in the world waiting until Monday but We can't afford to take him in to the emergency vet. I called and asked and just for the exam it's 95.00 and then they would want to draw blood and check all fluids and keep him over night to observe him. Well that is hundreds if not getting in to the thousands. There is no way we can afford that. Oh my god I am the most horrible person ever! I just want him to be better and them to go away, and it only be a 'hes getting old' thing. But who knows maybe it is that and this is his body shutting down? It's weird after it's all over it's like he go bonkers, running around jumping up on us as if we just got home. I called Jusitn this afternoon and left a message for him hysterical crying saying I don't know what to do neiko is having seizures. He called me back and was like what is going on?! Well by the time he called me back, my little brother from Washington showed up at my house, yes they pulled up and I looked out going who the hell is that. Surprise!! I guess they didn't want to call and tell me they were coming. I was still in my pj's, my hair pulled half way back, my make up from yesterday running down my face from crying. Yes this is how my day has gone!! I just feel so freakin bad for my dog. Well he's actually my brothers dog and he is freaking out. this is his first baby. And I'm saying I don't know what to do and that if it's going to cost a ton of money then I'm probably going to have to put him down. Yes my brother fell of the deep end. He can't help out with any money until next week. And really I don't want his money. That's really not a big deal to me. I want to get him better if I can but right now I can't spend hundreds of dollars on him. My last dog I had, had epilepsy and I spent thousands on him before I ended up having to put him down for going in to a seizure and not coming out of it. It did way to much brain damage the doctor said for him to live a half way normal life. I just feel like I should be doing something more for him. I'm sad....
I'm just hoping it doesn't get any worse and I can wait until Monday. :(

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