Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall=New shows!

So come fall time all the new shows come on and I get to figure out what ones my wonderful hubby will watch with me, what ones will be mommies show when everyone is at work or school and the most important what show is my new "wine" show!  The year before last was Cougar Town (still love this show but doesn't start back up until January), last year it started out with Bent. One of the best new shows!  I loved it and even justin cracked up!  Well like all the "new" shows I fall in love with it got cancel led after only like 3 episodes....  so back to Cougar Town I went. Over the summer I caught up on New Girl. Fell In Love...  as we are now on the second episode of the new season I have officially made this show as my new wine show! This thrills me as I sit here in a quiet house with my wine in hand....  awwwww. Love my evenings after the kids are in bed ;)

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