Tuesday, November 15, 2011

quick update

it's been awhile so I won't go in to major details about everything, cause believe me I think that would take hours!

When school started we all went on a new schedule, Ryder is in school half days 5 days a week, Justin is working mostly 6 days a week cause they are super busy right now, Averee is in daycare one day a week and adjusting to brother being gone everyday during the week, and I'm working 3 full days at the salon and busier then I could have imagined!  

Ryder:  finally making progress and growing a tid bit in height ;) loves school so much and all the little smarty pants wants to do is Math!  He surely didn't get that from me!  haha He has also started to read!!  He is overly excited to finally be able to sound out the words and start on this journey of reading like his big cousins.  It's very cute.  We have been trying to get him involved in somethings just to see what he might want to do with his extra time.  We tried wrestling and that wasn't really for him, we've tried soccer and that wasn't really for him and he doesn't want to play flag football only tackle and they don't have that for his age around here (not that I would even let him do tackle at his age!!  Way to young!) So anyways on this search we have really come up with only one thing he is in love with and wants to do all the time.  GOLF...  He is his daddy's son!  I'm not much of a golfer and I'm sure if you've read my blogs before you know I'm not much of a fan of golf either haha,  But he loves it and is pretty good at it already.  So we are looking in to a junior club for him to join, we luck out living some where, where you can actually golf just about year around!

Averee:  She is my giant and she loves the attention she gets from it!  LOL  she is now only about a half an inch shorter then her brother!  and only about 3lbs lighter.  She is my little super star!  She maybe a little shy but she is slowly coming out of her shell and is discovering what she loves to do.  SOCCER!  She will play for hours and dribbles the ball any where she can and all day long!  Snow, Sun, Rain she will be outside with that ball.  We kept her home this year from preschool, and put her in daycare just to get her socializing with others before school next year.  It's helping a ton!  She loves LOVES daycare.  we are working on our letters and writing at home.  It's wonderful at night to see both kids at the table doing their "homework" and Ryder helping her if she needs it. :)  But don't let that sweet smile fool you!  She is a spit fire! she is her mother through and through! haha

Justin and I have been having a wonderful year.  I'm so thankful I'm married to such an amazing man!  We just celebrated 9 years of marriage and with everything going on around us it's made us really focus on us and cherish each day.  Wow...  a little sappy sorry!   let me explain a little more.  
My sister is going through a nasty divorce after 14 years of marriage. I will say it's been trying at times.  My sister..  her ex being a good friend of my husbands...  need I say more...  
But even with it's tough moments we both vowed at the beginning of this we would not fight or share details with each other.  It's not our divorce.  And with that watching from the inside and out I feel like we have learned so much! So for us yes I'm going to get a little sappy here and there for a while I think!  ;)

Ok that was my quick update, now to move on and prepare for my extra special, extra long blog tomorrow about my 5 day trip to Vegas I just got back from!!

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