Friday, March 18, 2011

holding back the tears.

Tonight it finally hit that we were actually moving and won't be at this house past tonight. :(
As we took a load out to the new house tonight I have found myself with a little pit in my stomach and fighting back a few tears.  See I'm not your usual person..  I would live in one house my entire life and build as many memories as I possibly could!  I look back at my childhood and we lived in this tiny little house right on the edge of town and I grew up there.  I think we lived in that house for like 13 years.  It was my childhood.  I still look back at that place and drive by when I'm in Corvallis and can feel the love and memories flood over me with so much emotion.  The first time I moved out of my moms house, I moved in with my now husband, and we lived in that house for 8 years, then we moved here and have been here for almost 5 years! 
Today all the memories have come flooding over me.
back to when we first moved and Ryder was only 6 months old!  the thought of Averee wasn't even on the out skirts of our little minds!  I remember when we brought Averee home from the hospital, both kids taking their first steps, both kids first Christmas's, you know all the little memories any mommy would think about as they were moving out of their home.  Right?

Anyway I know it will be an emotional weekend for me, and I guess it really just hasn't hit because I have been to busy and stressed to have it sink in that we are actually moving!!

The new house is just going to bring a ton new memories, and the kids already hate leaving when we go out there.  I can't wait to see them explore and see what adventures they come up with at the new house.

Let the next chapter begin!
tear. tear. sniff, sniff.

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