Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How did this happen?

The time has come and both my kids are getting signed up for school!  How in the world did this happen so quickly?  Ryder is off to "real" school,  crossing my fingers I can get him in to a morning class but if not then that just means we will get a little extra "us" time when Averee is in class.  :)  He is SO excited to be going to a big school!  I pulled up his school online to see when Kindergarten registration is and showed him some pictures of what it all looks like and his eyes got huge and the smile was bigger then his whole face!  haha  I love that I have nothing to worry about with him. He will fit in wonderfully no matter where he goes and makes friends the minute he walks in to a room!  I think the most exciting part for him is he gets to ride the bus home from school.  I'm not ready for him to be on the bus with all the older kids so for now he will only be riding it home from school. ;)

Then we move on to my youngest...  Is she really going to be in preschool already!? 
I'm a little torn with her cause I love the fact that if I put her in Ryder's school he's in now then she goes in knowing the teachers and is familiar with her surroundings, but on the flip side I don't know if that's where I want her to go?  I would have loved Ryder to go to a non-church based preschool, but at the time I signed him up every where was full.  Now I do love his school and he has LOVED his experience there but I'm thinking maybe doing some thing different with Averee.  I'm looking in to a Coop Preschool for her.  I called today and talked to them and they were so sweet on the phone and I'm very excited to go check it all out and see how Averee reacts to it.  With Ryder I haven't really got the choice of going in and helping out in his classes, last year it was a little to much having a 1-2 year old and this year his teacher prefers not to have parents come in and help.  With the Coop school I have to help out 12-14 times throughout the year.  I love this!!  With her being my last one I want to be the parent helper as much as I can!  

So anyways that is where we are at right now.  Both kids will be all signed up and ready to go for next year by the beginning of April!  they grow so fast I can't believe it!!

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